Sunday, July 24, 2011

Too Many Video Games and Nursery Rhymes (Just wait… it gets better)

Well if you’ve ever played Mario Brothers you’ll appreciate this… and why I want to kick The Man. So anyway, I had a new hairstyle… recently (I change it up regularly) and it required that I wore a bonnet while I slept. The Man is utterly ridiculous (which I particularly love about him) and he calls it a muffet, because when he was younger, little miss muffet sat on her tuffet wearing (guess what) a bonnet as far as most illustrations go.

So he calls my bonnet a muffet, because have I mentioned that he’s totally ridiculous (but in a good way). Moving along, this new hairstyle is sort of bigish (as most of my hairstyles are… I like big hair don’t judge me). When I put the “muffet” on it’s really puffy looking, because I am squeezing a grand deal of hair under this thing all in the name of beauty (no wonder I grew up a tomboy) so my hair could be somewhat in tact the next day. Well this big black “muffet” looks rather round on top of my head once it’s all said and done. Now, at this point you may be saying, “What the hell does this have to do with Mario Brothers.” Well they have these characters that live in the mushroom kingdom, and they have big red and white mushroomy heads.

Well, The Man (wonderful as he is) has a lovely imagination and has decided that I greatly resemble these people while wearing the muffet and constantly tells stupid jokes or horrible puns about mushrooms. So, the other night as I proceed to stuff all my stupid hair in this “muffet” I look in the mirror and start laughing immediately. Low and behold I really do look like the mushroom head people from Mario… I hate my life. Forget it, I will NOT provide an illustration.*mutters*