Sunday, January 27, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday 1/27/13

Welcome to the Six Sentence Sunday final farewell. Yep you heard (or read actually) correctly, this will be the last hurrah! It's been a wonderful ride, the relatively few times I've been able to participate. I'm sad to see it go, but unfortunately all things come to an end. With that being said, here is my last offering. Today I'll be sharing another offering from from my unedited WIP Déjà vu. In this moment, Jordan's need almost becomes more than Cade can stand.

“I…” she frowned but didn’t finish her sentence.
“You what, Jordan?”
“How do you know my name?” She attempted to push against him but he held her firm.
“Your name tag.”
He lifted a hand to brush the indented plastic and became flooded with a surge of the woman's sexual need.

Thank you for stopping by one last time. I hope you've enjoyed visiting as much as I've appreciated your visits. Don't forget to check back at Six Sentence Sunday for more great teasers.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday 1/20/13

Welcome back for more Six Sentence Sunday. Pay no attention to the fact that I'm the one who went missing for...well who's counting anyway. Moving right along, today I'll be sharing for the first time, from my unedited WIP Déjà vu. In this share, Jordan and Cade meet for the first time. Yipee.

The word came out of her mouth at a whisper and he’d almost missed it. He didn’t move in any direction. Almost as if he were glued to her. He swallowed hard past the desire thrumming through his veins. “Why?”

As always, I hope you enjoyed your visit. Don't forget to check back at Six Sentence Sunday for more great teasers.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The MIA Status Must Stop!

Well here I am again, clawing my way back to productivity. Life has a way of knocking me off my path, but damn it I just keep giving distractions the finger as I insist on pushing forward. So it's been weeks certainly not months since I've written, edited or created any new projects. Must do something about this before I go crazy.I don't have any timelines or OCD type written plans, because I just don't vibe with those... and to be honest I am insanely jealous of anyone who can. Well, anywho, enough with the chatter, I'm off to work on promo (no worries there will be no spamming, because spamming is the devil), actual writing, editing and overall getting my ass in gear... for the trillionth time!

Wish me luck (I'm going to need all I can get)!