Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Hate To Repeat Myself, So Why Do I Keep Doing It?

Seriously this is beyond ridiculous. I can't stand when I have to repeat myself over and over to someone (especially when I feel they aren't really listening.) It drives me up a wall! But lately I have come to realize that I have a horrible habit of repeating myself in my stories.

Every time I get a story back from one of my CP's who I love and cherish :) the remarks share a certain resemblance. "You have already made this point twice you don't need it here." "You have this same word five times in one sentence, you should consider reworking it." The comments go on and on.

Don't worry it's not all bad. From this I have learned what a lot of my problem words are. "As" and "was" are the two worst offenders followed by "sigh"... *sigh* lol! Anyway having this issue pointed out to me made me want to pull out my hair at first. Have you tried writing a sentence without "as" or "was"? OK maybe I'm the only one that struggles with this (God I hope not or I'm going to need therapy.)

Luckily in the wonderful world of the World Wide Web there are many websites that have a thesaurus which I can peruse to help me find substitutes for those pesky words that keep popping up all over my MS. Thank God!

So how about you? Yes I'm talking to you. *points*
Do you have a word that follows you all over your MS? If so what is it and how do you manage it?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Between Good and Aevall by Dayna Hart

PhotobucketA cult of sex faeries start taking men hostage…including Claire’s boyfriend.

Book Two of the Curtain Torn Series

When Myrna Terrence’s husband is abducted from her dream by fairies, she asks Claire for help. Claire investigates and discovers other married men of Four Corners have been kidnapped. Men who share enough similarities to suggest the kidnappings may be related.

She learns the abductions are the work of The Aeval, a cult of sex faeries whose mission is to ensure women are pleasured by their husbands. Dell decides he and Claire should go under cover—under the covers. By pretending to be a married couple who are having trouble in bed, they hope to lure The Aeval to them.

The plan works almost too well. They don’t have to fake the chemistry between them, nor the resulting frustration when they stop themselves from going too far. The Aeval take the bait, and Claire must confront a goddess, the truth, and her fears about Dell in an effort to save his life.

But if she succeeds, those same truths may be what sends him out of her life forever.

Warning: this title contains the following: hot nekkid men with wings, regular nudity, and prolonged sexual tension followed—finally—by explicit sex. And the faeries who punish husbands for not “pleasing” their wives are entirely fictional (sorry!).


And you can buy it here

"Ms. Hart has created a beautiful, romantic love story set within a magical world that is both whimsical and crystalline pure. The chemistry between her two main characters is spellbinding and ethereal." - Cerri Ellis