Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Love Poetry!

I hear too many comments from people who for some reason think it's bad to know when you are good at something, or beautiful, or smart, or have confidence. You're too self important, conceited, full of yourself, or (insert word here that means bad to think highly of yourself) if you're not afraid to acknowledge and love your strong points. I have seen the effects this type of mindset has had some of the people dearest to me and I think it's very negative or unproductive for people to feel like they have to conceal how wonderful they are because there are some who don't realize that ALL of us have potential for greatness and that there is no harm in embracing it. So I wrote this poem and dedicated it to my dearest friend (she knows who she is) and sent her a copy of her very own. Enjoy!

By. Lauren Murphy

Vision, fixated, on a vivid mirror,
Black diamonds, glitter back,
Through lovely,shimmering eyes.
My smile holds secrets,
Behind shinning red lips.
The sway of rounded hips,
Captures lingering attentions,
As I glide past, on steady high heels.
Laughing sweetly,
Immersed, in compliments aplenty,
Flirtatious antics, sweet and sexy.
Confident, with knowledge,
No one can touch me,
My thoughts,my own,
To think, as I please.
Self-assured, strong in my beliefs,
Uncaring of your judgments,
Your business, your own.
Head held high, like a gladiator bold.
Malicious stares,won’t tame me.
Others point and whisper,
Don’t value my vitality,
Thirsting to humble me,
To drudge down their paths.
No gazingtoward the floor,
Ashamed of who I am,
Estranged from my greatness,
Or doubting my worth.
Hate me if you wish,
Speak loudly against me,
Call me out my name,
If you dare.
In love with who I am,
Enjoying my own skin
Never letting go,
Of the true love, within.

© Lauren Murphy, All rights reserved

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Too Many Video Games and Nursery Rhymes (Just wait… it gets better)

Well if you’ve ever played Mario Brothers you’ll appreciate this… and why I want to kick The Man. So anyway, I had a new hairstyle… recently (I change it up regularly) and it required that I wore a bonnet while I slept. The Man is utterly ridiculous (which I particularly love about him) and he calls it a muffet, because when he was younger, little miss muffet sat on her tuffet wearing (guess what) a bonnet as far as most illustrations go.

So he calls my bonnet a muffet, because have I mentioned that he’s totally ridiculous (but in a good way). Moving along, this new hairstyle is sort of bigish (as most of my hairstyles are… I like big hair don’t judge me). When I put the “muffet” on it’s really puffy looking, because I am squeezing a grand deal of hair under this thing all in the name of beauty (no wonder I grew up a tomboy) so my hair could be somewhat in tact the next day. Well this big black “muffet” looks rather round on top of my head once it’s all said and done. Now, at this point you may be saying, “What the hell does this have to do with Mario Brothers.” Well they have these characters that live in the mushroom kingdom, and they have big red and white mushroomy heads.

Well, The Man (wonderful as he is) has a lovely imagination and has decided that I greatly resemble these people while wearing the muffet and constantly tells stupid jokes or horrible puns about mushrooms. So, the other night as I proceed to stuff all my stupid hair in this “muffet” I look in the mirror and start laughing immediately. Low and behold I really do look like the mushroom head people from Mario… I hate my life. Forget it, I will NOT provide an illustration.*mutters*

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday!

I'm brand new to Six Sentence Sunday, but you know how I love trying new things. My six are from my new release Curse of the Demon Queen, available now at Cobblestone Press. Lilith doesn't want to take no for an answer, and Aamon is making her... this time. 

“Look at that,” she whispered as her gaze traveled down his naked form. “I don’t think you hate me as much as you let on.”

“Oh,” he said, grabbing her hand, forcing her to stop touching him, “but I do.”

A dark sneer marred her feminine features. Her cat-like eyes narrowed, and her full lips disappeared into a thin line below her broad nose which turned up on one side. Damn, even in anger he wanted her.

Don't forget to check back at Six Sentence Sunday for more great teasers. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bad Driving

I’ve held my tongue long enough. Yes, I know I’m probably too opinionated for most, but though I love to share my opinion I do try to avoid ranting… much. I will admit that driving is one of my hot points, a place I have to woosah A LOT! But here’s the low down. My day job hours are from eight to five, luckily I don’t have to get on the interstate or I’d never get there. However there is still traffic on the street (I know you are wishing I would just get to the point and I am I swear it). There are a few basic things I believe every driver should be familiar with and if not perhaps they should consider taking some sort of class. Just sayin…

1. Green light means GO! That means you put your foot on the accelerator and increase pressure until you have at least reached the speed limit. Don’t sit there and stare at it like it’s alien lights and they’ve come to take you back home. Don’t text or talk to your BFF about the latest thing that happened with the cute guy down stairs. I mean if something major happens with your car, like it just shuts off you are exempt, but most don’t have any excuses for not complying with this most simple and important rule. Surely I can’t be the ONLY one who wants to get to work on time!

2. Please at least drive the speed limit. I’m not saying drive a trillion miles over the speed limit, get pulled over and have to pay your life savings for a ticket for reckless driving. But honestly, drivers that do 25 in a 35 (unless they are having some unfortunate car problems) make me want to do really bad things and say really bad words… well the words I actually say.

3. The above applies when there is a cop on the road. It is completely unnecessary and ridiculous to drive ten miles an hour in a fifty because there is a cop in the near vicinity. If you are doing the speed limit you’re obeying the law and thus won’t get pulled over. There’s no need to drive that slow and risk the angry mob that now wants to come after you with torches and pitchforks because you’ve made every one late for work… for nothing.

4. When changing lanes or making a turn, please use that little doohickey for the turn signals. You never know, people may want to know if you’re going to swerve in front of them or slow down to make a turn. Perhaps you don’t like you car but some of us like ours and if we could all just utilize that cute little lever right there near the steering wheel we’d all be better off.

That’s really all I have for now as those are the ones that shoot my blood pressure through the roof of my car faster than anything else. Using a little consideration would go a long way… just sayin.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Curse of the Demon Queen is Available Now!


Fifty years ago, Lilith, Queen of the Demons, took the fall for something she wanted no part in and it cost her the only man she ever loved.

Betrayed and cursed, Aamon wants nothing but his freedom. Unable to let him go, Lilith watches him constantly, selfishly lusting for the love she destroyed. No matter how long he’s forced to serve, he’ll never forgive her.

The two end up on a treacherous ride of depravity and burning desire. Only absolute forgiveness will be able bring them back from this perilous journey.

Read a full excerpt here!

Available now here!

Available now at Cobblestone Press

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hiding Sex from the Kiddies (I am just full of touchy posts aren’t I?)

It appears that there is a huge debate on how we (The US) should handle sex education. There are some who want their kids to be totally abstinent and not even know about the existence of sex. Then there is the other extreme who wants everyone to throw caution to the wind and just load them up with condoms and let them have at it. You know me, I am all about the happy medium.

Since I was never forced into the idea of abstinence or made blind to the fact that sex did indeed exist, I fail to see how keeping our children completely ignorant is going to help them make any kind of informed and intelligent decision when faced with dilemmas, and trust me, they will and probably are already facing them. As technology has grown so has our young people’s exposure to the world. And too many times, before parents even have the chance to have the talk with their kids, they have already heard about it from their friends… which could be alarming considering who our children might be friends with at the time.

Now I’m not saying we should drop a steady stream of porn in their laps and say, “Here ya’ go.” I certainly don’t think that’s the way to go either. However I think a lot of people (teachers and even parents) are trying so hard to avoid having these crucial conversations with their kids because it’s probably going to be awkward for both sides. But if they aren’t presented with the facts of the good and bad, information regarding the risks as well as the rewards from a reliable source then where else are they going to get it? Make no mistake, they will hear about it from somewhere.

My mom never forbade me to do anything (knowing it would make whatever it was all the more enticing if she did), but she talked with me about sex whenever she saw a learning opportunity (moment of mortification usually on my end). We had honest discussion (as she tried to ignore my beet red face) and went over what was appropriate and what wasn’t (based on our beliefs, the conversation may vary for some). But she never hid it from me. Now I am not against abstinence, however I believe children should have the knowledge to correspond with why they should be abstinent if that is your belief. Saying, “Just don’t do it because I said so,” isn’t going to cut it… I don’t think it ever has.

I am afraid for children who are kept in the dark since they are the most uninformed. I feel they are the likeliest targets for those that would wish to do them harm. When I see reports of girls birthing babies at thirteen years of age, I become concerned that we could be having these talks “too late” if at all. I believe that having an honest discussion with our children about why they should wait, or be careful and use protection (or whatever it is we want to teach our individual children) could have a larger impact than pushing it off until later (like preteen or teenage years when it could be too late) or never at all. Perhaps we won’t or can’t reach them all, but we could give them and ourselves a fighting chance. Just my opinion.