Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bad Driving

I’ve held my tongue long enough. Yes, I know I’m probably too opinionated for most, but though I love to share my opinion I do try to avoid ranting… much. I will admit that driving is one of my hot points, a place I have to woosah A LOT! But here’s the low down. My day job hours are from eight to five, luckily I don’t have to get on the interstate or I’d never get there. However there is still traffic on the street (I know you are wishing I would just get to the point and I am I swear it). There are a few basic things I believe every driver should be familiar with and if not perhaps they should consider taking some sort of class. Just sayin…

1. Green light means GO! That means you put your foot on the accelerator and increase pressure until you have at least reached the speed limit. Don’t sit there and stare at it like it’s alien lights and they’ve come to take you back home. Don’t text or talk to your BFF about the latest thing that happened with the cute guy down stairs. I mean if something major happens with your car, like it just shuts off you are exempt, but most don’t have any excuses for not complying with this most simple and important rule. Surely I can’t be the ONLY one who wants to get to work on time!

2. Please at least drive the speed limit. I’m not saying drive a trillion miles over the speed limit, get pulled over and have to pay your life savings for a ticket for reckless driving. But honestly, drivers that do 25 in a 35 (unless they are having some unfortunate car problems) make me want to do really bad things and say really bad words… well the words I actually say.

3. The above applies when there is a cop on the road. It is completely unnecessary and ridiculous to drive ten miles an hour in a fifty because there is a cop in the near vicinity. If you are doing the speed limit you’re obeying the law and thus won’t get pulled over. There’s no need to drive that slow and risk the angry mob that now wants to come after you with torches and pitchforks because you’ve made every one late for work… for nothing.

4. When changing lanes or making a turn, please use that little doohickey for the turn signals. You never know, people may want to know if you’re going to swerve in front of them or slow down to make a turn. Perhaps you don’t like you car but some of us like ours and if we could all just utilize that cute little lever right there near the steering wheel we’d all be better off.

That’s really all I have for now as those are the ones that shoot my blood pressure through the roof of my car faster than anything else. Using a little consideration would go a long way… just sayin.

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