Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Love Poetry!

I hear too many comments from people who for some reason think it's bad to know when you are good at something, or beautiful, or smart, or have confidence. You're too self important, conceited, full of yourself, or (insert word here that means bad to think highly of yourself) if you're not afraid to acknowledge and love your strong points. I have seen the effects this type of mindset has had some of the people dearest to me and I think it's very negative or unproductive for people to feel like they have to conceal how wonderful they are because there are some who don't realize that ALL of us have potential for greatness and that there is no harm in embracing it. So I wrote this poem and dedicated it to my dearest friend (she knows who she is) and sent her a copy of her very own. Enjoy!

By. Lauren Murphy

Vision, fixated, on a vivid mirror,
Black diamonds, glitter back,
Through lovely,shimmering eyes.
My smile holds secrets,
Behind shinning red lips.
The sway of rounded hips,
Captures lingering attentions,
As I glide past, on steady high heels.
Laughing sweetly,
Immersed, in compliments aplenty,
Flirtatious antics, sweet and sexy.
Confident, with knowledge,
No one can touch me,
My thoughts,my own,
To think, as I please.
Self-assured, strong in my beliefs,
Uncaring of your judgments,
Your business, your own.
Head held high, like a gladiator bold.
Malicious stares,won’t tame me.
Others point and whisper,
Don’t value my vitality,
Thirsting to humble me,
To drudge down their paths.
No gazingtoward the floor,
Ashamed of who I am,
Estranged from my greatness,
Or doubting my worth.
Hate me if you wish,
Speak loudly against me,
Call me out my name,
If you dare.
In love with who I am,
Enjoying my own skin
Never letting go,
Of the true love, within.

© Lauren Murphy, All rights reserved

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