Saturday, March 29, 2008

My New Header

I just want to thank the Lovely Haven from Divas for my brand new header! I love it!!! Haven you're the bomb. Yay!

Friday, March 28, 2008


Oh God, the procrastination has hit. I have been on a roll with my word count. I worked and worked on my short until I was finally convinced that it was greatness lol. I blew through the first draft of a 50k+ story...and now that it's time to do the edits, I'm stuck.

I think I'm intimidated by the story. I've never worked on anything this long before and I am having serious doubts. I'm sure the plot is full of holes and the ending reeks! OH God what was I thinking?! *ok, ok calm down. breathe*

I am going to try and get some editing done tomorrow and Sunday, I really hope I actually make some progress. *eek*

Ok, I'm done the whining is over.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

All the Trees in Pearl by Emily Ryan-Davis

She believed the man didn't matter as long as he said yes - until the wrong man vowed to love her beneath....

All the Trees in Pearl
by Emily Ryan-Davis

Available March 21 at Ellora's Cave

Signed and paid for by one brother.

Ethan Carver didn’t order a wife, but he couldn’t turn away from Margaret Redde’s lush mouth and proper manners. Could he keep up his brother’s deception and make her stay?

Set on fire by the other.

She wanted security and didn’t care where it came from - one brother was as good as the other - until Ethan touched her. One night in his arms changed everything. His hot kisses sent her up in flames and taught her desires she didn’t know she possessed.

Read an excerpt today!

Friday, March 21, 2008

*Sigh* I love poetry (Warning Erotic Content)

I love poetry so much. The way it moves and flows across your mind as you absorb the words that were lovingly placed upon the page. So with that in mind I have decided to post some poetry. This peice was one of my most liberating pieces. I didn't think that I could write HOT, but I wanted to give it a try anyway and it turned out to me a sucess...or so I'm told. So here it is. Let me know what you think. :)

Making Love
By. Lauren Murphy

Floating down a river of sinful ecstasy my mind floating away from reality
Feeling myself slip deeper and deeper into mindless nothingness
Your sweet caress grazing my body your lips ignite an inferno inside of me
As they find their way from my neck to the soft chocolate filled mounds juts bellow
Making a trail down the center of my belly making me melt from the heat
Writhing in sweet agony as you place smoldering wet kisses down the inside of my thighs
Making me quiver with anticipation you slowly make your way back up
Your head between my thighs gazing into my lust filled eyes
You begin to slowly caress my sweet spot with the tip of your tongue
My body tingles with intense pleasure soft moans escape my lips
As you gradually begin to increase your speed my breath coming in rough ragged breaths
Sweat beads appear on the surface of my body
Clouded, no longer able to form coherent thoughts, floating further away
You slowly make your way back to the top teasing my lips with yours flicking your tongue
Around and inside of my mouth slowly you slide your love inside of mine
Our bodies move in their own natural rhythm
Our voices rise together in perfect harmony slow deliberate strokes make my body shiver slowly
I begin to loose control staring into your deep mahogany eyes,
Tasting your smooth creamy lips your thrusts become deeper, harder, faster
Chills race down my back I grab handfuls of my hair you drive me deeper
Into uncontrollable ecstasy you lay your head next to mine
As we finally loose all control my body spasms shakes shivers
Tears roll down the side of my face my body explodes with pleasure
My mind floating in the emptiness of space
Barely able to comprehend these feelings I have within.

© Lauren Murphy, All rights reserved

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Lotus Blossom Chronicles

Check out Jax Cassidy's New release, available March 17.

an anthology with Simone Harlow
Paperback: 250 pages
Publisher: Parker Publishing, LLC; First edition (March 17, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1600430341
ISBN-13: 978-1600430343

In Jax Cassidy's

Niko Chow craves solitude. Only fate won't leave him in peace. After losing his wife and unborn child in a car crash, he slips into the dark world of alcoholism. His desire to overcome his addiction leads him to a promise made to a dying friend and into the arms of a seductive chanteuse. Donovan Matthews ignites a passion within him he has long denied. The more time he spends with her, the more Niko finds her spitfire determination and generous heart as sensuous and exotic as the Lotus Blossoms that bloom in his garden. Can she end his internal war and help heal his aching soul?

In Simone Harlow's

In the new world order, New Africa bounty hunter Nyssa Farris has only one goal…to get her daughter back from the woman who snatched her out of her arms as a baby. But to do that, she must break her one rule: never hunt a slave. Once a pleasure slave to a king, Nyssa understands how the loss of freedom can scar a person’s soul, and for her daughter she will pay the price.

Prince Asad Kuba is a man on the run. Escaped from the wicked queen, he will do anything to stay out of her clutches. He doesn’t expect a beautiful, determined woman to capture him, bed him, and take him back in chains.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Progress, Have I Made Any?

Well, this week was a challenge. It seemed that no one, including me wanted me to be able to write. The boy wanted to grab at my keyboard, mess with my mouse and soil his clothes every chance he got (he's one). The man just started a second job working two days a week and when he's not here there is no one to distract the cute little monster that parades as my son, from harassing me. Somehow with all of the craziness going on I have managed to make it through rewrites and edits to my short and I'll be ready to send it to my CP tonight! Woohoo! *sniff* I thought it would never happen. *sigh* Now I'm off to finish it up and send it away. *crosses fingers* I hope she likes it!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Double Take by Tawny Taylor

Double Take
Tawny Taylor
(BDSM/Menage a trois/Gay)

Fallon dreamed of a dominant lover for years. Giving it all to a man who can master her sexually. What she never imagined was not one, but two dominant lovers, determined to make her wildest sexual dreams a reality. But perfect lips and to-die-for bodies aside, the identities behind her new Masters’ masks aren’t the only secret they’re keeping.

As Fallon is pulled further into the erotic web they weave, she realizes that being submissive to two dominant men isn’t just about the sensations they can rouse in her, but the emotions they unleash.

The biggest surprise is yet to come, the one that can either set her free to share a love and a life she never dreamed possible, or break her heart forever.

Read an excerpt/Buy

Monday, March 3, 2008

70 Day Challenge/I've Lost My Mind!!

Seriously (I say that a lot) I must be fifty cents short of a dollar. What was I thinking when I agreed to sign up for this challenge. Holy Crap! Then to add icing on the cake, did I start on March 1st like I was supposed to? No! I didn't even open my WIP until today. *shakes head* I am such a lost cause. But I am still going to try this out. I figure I can't be any worse off than before started. *shrug* Anyway, I know there are other people who have signed up for this huge challenge. Let's have some fun!! Woohoo! *has totally lost it*