Monday, March 3, 2008

70 Day Challenge/I've Lost My Mind!!

Seriously (I say that a lot) I must be fifty cents short of a dollar. What was I thinking when I agreed to sign up for this challenge. Holy Crap! Then to add icing on the cake, did I start on March 1st like I was supposed to? No! I didn't even open my WIP until today. *shakes head* I am such a lost cause. But I am still going to try this out. I figure I can't be any worse off than before started. *shrug* Anyway, I know there are other people who have signed up for this huge challenge. Let's have some fun!! Woohoo! *has totally lost it*


Ally Kendall said...

:) I'm behind, too, Lauren, so don't feel bad. At least this is a two-month challenge, unlike NaNo, so we should be able to catch up no problem. :)

jodi said...

sweating with sven is cool. There's a great picture of a hot man doing push ups!