Friday, March 28, 2008


Oh God, the procrastination has hit. I have been on a roll with my word count. I worked and worked on my short until I was finally convinced that it was greatness lol. I blew through the first draft of a 50k+ story...and now that it's time to do the edits, I'm stuck.

I think I'm intimidated by the story. I've never worked on anything this long before and I am having serious doubts. I'm sure the plot is full of holes and the ending reeks! OH God what was I thinking?! *ok, ok calm down. breathe*

I am going to try and get some editing done tomorrow and Sunday, I really hope I actually make some progress. *eek*

Ok, I'm done the whining is over.


Jerri said...

Hi, Lauren. I just poped in to say hello. I hope you got your words written.

Lauren Murphy said...

I haven't gotten much done...*sigh*

Thanks for popping by!