Friday, March 21, 2008

*Sigh* I love poetry (Warning Erotic Content)

I love poetry so much. The way it moves and flows across your mind as you absorb the words that were lovingly placed upon the page. So with that in mind I have decided to post some poetry. This peice was one of my most liberating pieces. I didn't think that I could write HOT, but I wanted to give it a try anyway and it turned out to me a sucess...or so I'm told. So here it is. Let me know what you think. :)

Making Love
By. Lauren Murphy

Floating down a river of sinful ecstasy my mind floating away from reality
Feeling myself slip deeper and deeper into mindless nothingness
Your sweet caress grazing my body your lips ignite an inferno inside of me
As they find their way from my neck to the soft chocolate filled mounds juts bellow
Making a trail down the center of my belly making me melt from the heat
Writhing in sweet agony as you place smoldering wet kisses down the inside of my thighs
Making me quiver with anticipation you slowly make your way back up
Your head between my thighs gazing into my lust filled eyes
You begin to slowly caress my sweet spot with the tip of your tongue
My body tingles with intense pleasure soft moans escape my lips
As you gradually begin to increase your speed my breath coming in rough ragged breaths
Sweat beads appear on the surface of my body
Clouded, no longer able to form coherent thoughts, floating further away
You slowly make your way back to the top teasing my lips with yours flicking your tongue
Around and inside of my mouth slowly you slide your love inside of mine
Our bodies move in their own natural rhythm
Our voices rise together in perfect harmony slow deliberate strokes make my body shiver slowly
I begin to loose control staring into your deep mahogany eyes,
Tasting your smooth creamy lips your thrusts become deeper, harder, faster
Chills race down my back I grab handfuls of my hair you drive me deeper
Into uncontrollable ecstasy you lay your head next to mine
As we finally loose all control my body spasms shakes shivers
Tears roll down the side of my face my body explodes with pleasure
My mind floating in the emptiness of space
Barely able to comprehend these feelings I have within.

© Lauren Murphy, All rights reserved


Katie Reus said...

Wow Lauren, that is hot. Anyone who can write poetry fascinates me. I want more!

Adelle said...

Well done! I love to see an author's poetic side. This a most excellent poem!

Morgan St. John said...

I think fascinating is the word...
you have a talent for putting your conflict and emotions down. I like how the poem is called Making Love but it's never love in the moment, is it? It's much more raw than that. Once you catch your breath, that's when love comes back into play. :D {{{lauren}}}

Lauren Murphy said...

Wow you guys are making me blush! *blush* Thanks for stopping by. It really means a lot! :D