Sunday, May 4, 2008

Progress is Wonderful!

Well as you may recall, I hit a big ugly snag in my writing journey and wasn't able to get anything done for about a month...well that seems to be over. As of right now I have the first draft of a full length story finished, the first draft of a novella and short all completed. *Takes deep breath and mops brow* I've been busy. Now I'm starting another full length and I think the idea has a lot of promise and now all I have to do is pull it off.

So after I finish this last, first draft I am going to enter the world of edits Ack!! I am both excited and freaked out at the same time since I both love and hate edits. Sure it's fun going back and tweaking passages and adding bits and pieces here and there, but after the 15th time of your CP saying, "Close but just fix this." I want to bang my head into the wall. (Please note that I do love my CP's very much and wouldn't trade them for anything in the world!)

Now that I've rambled on much longer than necessary I'm off to write. Wish me luck!