Monday, July 30, 2012

Putting Myself Out There

…Writing wise, that is. :P

Since I began my writing journey (you know… seriously) I’ve always been a little nervous about putting myself, and what I do, “out there.” I mean, what if everything I said was stupid? What if no one ever gave a damn about my writing or even my journey? What if everyone hated what I wrote? What if no one paid attention to anything I said? What if none of my attempts were any good or gave me any exposure? What if it ALL TURNED OUT TO BE A BIG HUGE COLOSSALLY HORRIBLE WASTE OF TIME?!

… or what if I was just being a super duper drama queen? (Hey mom, you stay out of this!)

As it turns out, none of that really matters. Yes, I want to develop a relationship with potential and actual readers. Yes, I would like to feel as if what I say, write, experience matters. Yes, I want people to love and hang onto every, single word I utter like it’s the best thing their pretty little eardrums have ever experienced, alright maybe not every, SINGLE, word, but you know…


What REALLY matters is that I love and enjoy this journey. For many, this writing thing may be about business, but for me it isn’t JUST business. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to get contracts out the wazoo, and sign them in a professional writerly like manner, promo my heart out, and have book signings… but I really do this for the pure love and enjoyment of putting words together and then watching as the story unfolds. And sharing this experience with readers in as many ways as possible (WITHOUT SPAMMING, this is totally a no spam zone)is something I’ve come to enjoy. So if you see me out there on the cyber waves feel free to say hey. “Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey.”

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 7/29/12

Hi I'm back for more (yep told you I'd be back). This week's share for Six Sentence Sunday is from my current release Curse of the Demon Queen, available at Cobblestone Press, Amazon and B&N.

In this scene, Aamon (our hero) has just returned from one of his time traveling ventures. Tired and and irritated, he has just run into the one who loves to antagonize him the most, Lilith (our heroine).

“Did she leave so soon?” Lilith cooed in a sensual voice, interrupting his thoughts. “The ladies don’t fawn over you if they can’t see your beautiful face, do they?”

As the cruel words left her lips, she cupped his head between her hands. His face transformed, making him appear completely human.

“That’s better, isn’t it?”

I hope you enjoyed your visit. Don't forget to check back at Six Sentence Sunday for more great teasers.

Monday, July 23, 2012

On the Good Side of Time Mangement

I'm pretty sure I've posted multiple times regarding my issues with time management skills. Really I just don't have any... well I didn't. But since I've really gotten back into the swing of writing (or cruel and evil self-edits) I have really had to milk every second out of my time that I could. Surprise! It's actually working.

I started back slowly, trying to remember my blog posts once I week. I should really get back to scheduling those ahead of time... maybe... we'll see. Anywho, then I started squeezing in editing time whenever I could, mostly on Sundays since that's the day I'm not bombarded with some sort of plans. Plans are worse than plot bunnies. They pop up out of no where, often when I've specifically set out not to make plans lol. That's alright though, I usually enjoy whatever the plans turn out to be... otherwise I probably wouldn't keep saying yes to them.

At first things seemed slow going, but as I consistently worked at all the aspects of my writing I wanted to improve upon, things seemed to flow a bit easier. It no longer takes me hours to edit a single paragraph (hey don't be judging me). And "all of a sudden" time to edit during the week started to become prevalent. Or maybe I just stopped squandering the time I already had and put it to good use. Regardless, I haven't been this productive in...well... possibly ever and I'm loving every single moment.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 7/22/12

It's been a while since I've shared on Six Sentence Sunday, but I'd love to be more active. My six are from my current WIP, titled (for now anyway) Taming the Wolf. Wolf had just returned from his first "meeting" with his heroine, and the woman simply wore him out. ;)

Once the space filled with steam, he stepped under the hot spray, allowing his body to relax under the pounding jets of moisture. His muscles still ached from the chase. Surely, no one had ever worked so hard to escape him and his entire body throbbed in painful protest of his pursuits.

Still the memories from seeing her, sharing the same space, made everything well worth it. Visions of her lying beneath his naked body, under the shelter of the lush forest, caressed his tired mind. Just the thought of her, captured every bit of his attention.

Don't forget to check back at Six Sentence Sunday for more great teasers.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Fabulous Progress

Yes, the progress on my WIP is going exceptionally well. In fact, at this rate my story will be ready to send to my CP sometime around... never. OK seriously, I am making good progress on my self edits/revisions, however the word count for this story is continuing to increase... like how is this happening? *blink* *blink* Anyway I will try not to complain about my growing word count and just focus on the fact that I am actively working on the story, which in my humble opinion, is turning out to be a fabulous story. In other news I decided to create an FB author page for my work. If you could find it in your lovely hearts to go "like" me I'd appreciate it so very much.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Poetry Anyone?

Feels like a good time for a poem. Enjoy.

White Clouds
By. Lauren Murphy

Rolling swiftly along soft white puffs of sweet
Soothing moisture swirling strands of pearly
Cotton candy consume my form gracefully
Moving me along the everlasting majestic
Blue heavens quenching the thirst from
My parched dry soul filling my mind with
Dreamlike images as little nude archers and
Flying dragons slowly pass me by
I exhale on a sigh the wind flows through me
As I wonder aimlessly along the picturesque scenery
Through pure white cotton that lovingly comforts me.

© Lauren Murphy, All rights reserved