Monday, July 23, 2012

On the Good Side of Time Mangement

I'm pretty sure I've posted multiple times regarding my issues with time management skills. Really I just don't have any... well I didn't. But since I've really gotten back into the swing of writing (or cruel and evil self-edits) I have really had to milk every second out of my time that I could. Surprise! It's actually working.

I started back slowly, trying to remember my blog posts once I week. I should really get back to scheduling those ahead of time... maybe... we'll see. Anywho, then I started squeezing in editing time whenever I could, mostly on Sundays since that's the day I'm not bombarded with some sort of plans. Plans are worse than plot bunnies. They pop up out of no where, often when I've specifically set out not to make plans lol. That's alright though, I usually enjoy whatever the plans turn out to be... otherwise I probably wouldn't keep saying yes to them.

At first things seemed slow going, but as I consistently worked at all the aspects of my writing I wanted to improve upon, things seemed to flow a bit easier. It no longer takes me hours to edit a single paragraph (hey don't be judging me). And "all of a sudden" time to edit during the week started to become prevalent. Or maybe I just stopped squandering the time I already had and put it to good use. Regardless, I haven't been this productive in...well... possibly ever and I'm loving every single moment.


Jodi Henley said...

Alright! Now you're talking. That's backlist. :)

Lauren Murphy said...

I am so motivated to keep things going. The momentum is on my side! :)