Monday, July 30, 2012

Putting Myself Out There

…Writing wise, that is. :P

Since I began my writing journey (you know… seriously) I’ve always been a little nervous about putting myself, and what I do, “out there.” I mean, what if everything I said was stupid? What if no one ever gave a damn about my writing or even my journey? What if everyone hated what I wrote? What if no one paid attention to anything I said? What if none of my attempts were any good or gave me any exposure? What if it ALL TURNED OUT TO BE A BIG HUGE COLOSSALLY HORRIBLE WASTE OF TIME?!

… or what if I was just being a super duper drama queen? (Hey mom, you stay out of this!)

As it turns out, none of that really matters. Yes, I want to develop a relationship with potential and actual readers. Yes, I would like to feel as if what I say, write, experience matters. Yes, I want people to love and hang onto every, single word I utter like it’s the best thing their pretty little eardrums have ever experienced, alright maybe not every, SINGLE, word, but you know…


What REALLY matters is that I love and enjoy this journey. For many, this writing thing may be about business, but for me it isn’t JUST business. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to get contracts out the wazoo, and sign them in a professional writerly like manner, promo my heart out, and have book signings… but I really do this for the pure love and enjoyment of putting words together and then watching as the story unfolds. And sharing this experience with readers in as many ways as possible (WITHOUT SPAMMING, this is totally a no spam zone)is something I’ve come to enjoy. So if you see me out there on the cyber waves feel free to say hey. “Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey.”

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