Sunday, March 9, 2008

Progress, Have I Made Any?

Well, this week was a challenge. It seemed that no one, including me wanted me to be able to write. The boy wanted to grab at my keyboard, mess with my mouse and soil his clothes every chance he got (he's one). The man just started a second job working two days a week and when he's not here there is no one to distract the cute little monster that parades as my son, from harassing me. Somehow with all of the craziness going on I have managed to make it through rewrites and edits to my short and I'll be ready to send it to my CP tonight! Woohoo! *sniff* I thought it would never happen. *sigh* Now I'm off to finish it up and send it away. *crosses fingers* I hope she likes it!


vicky said...

Who are you sending it to, Lauren?

Lauren Murphy said...

I don't know yet. *sniffle* Still doing research.

Janice said...

Hi Lauren,

Good luck with who-ever you finally decide to sent it to.