Sunday, December 6, 2009

True to My Muse

I am an adult writer that writes for other adults. First I write to please myself then I write to please my readers. I feel that if I don’t like what I’m writing how can I expect for anyone else too? I (as well as some of my other writer friends) have gotten comments that suggest otherwise.

Presently, I am enjoying where I’m at as far my writing career. I love my characters and the scenarios I throw them in. I love the way they interact… and they are never “perfect” (as if anyone ever is). My characters, curse, can be rude, make love, have sex, even fuck (well this is an adult blog). My characters make loads of mistakes and then they work to try and fix them and or learn from them. They are based on real people not a fantasy.

Regardless, I have gotten (heard) comments that sound to me like I should change my writing to make other people more comfortable with reading my work. For instance it’s “wrong” to curse so my characters shouldn’t do it. Or “people in love don’t fuck” so my characters shouldn’t. Pfft! (I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous). More comments then these have been flung my way but these two irk me the most. Don’t get me wrong two much if either of the above would probably distract me from the story and make me think twice about finishing the book. I do like for my characters to have tender sweet moments but not for the entire book. I need some edge, some variety. Should I really change my stories, my characters, my voice to fit into a mold that doesn’t…fit? For me writing is about the love of the story. It’s about developing the characters and emotions that fit them. It’s about allowing myself the freedom to express what the muse has given me in the way that best fits the story.

So what do you think; change to fit the mold or make the mold fit you?

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Anonymous said...

Stay true to yourself, hon! If you don't, your writing will suffer. Trust me on this one. :)