Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kicked the Crap out of Writers Block. HA!

For months I have struggled with WIP after WIP and let me tell you, it's been so discouraging! But, the good news is that it's over. Last week I added 15K to my latest WIP. OMG I haven't done that in so long I'd forgotten what it felt like.

I used to be a writing machine and then one day I just couldn't write anymore. *gasp* Terrible, I know. Very recently I realized that I had stopped writing for the love of it and was letting all of this other stuff cloud something that once brought me such joy. Once I understood that this was the case I immediately set out to change my outlook. For me writing is all about enjoying the journey of the story and the characters.

It was difficult getting back to the mindset I wanted to be in. There were a lot of doubts and the writing progress just inched a long, so slowly that I wanted to yank out my hair. Finally I asked a group of friends to participate in a challenge with me. It’s called Book in a Week (BIAW) and we all set the goal we wanted to reach by the end of the challenge. Mine was 15K. I knew it would be difficult but also I knew that if I wanted real progress I was going to have to push myself. This was by far my best idea ever because in order to reach my goal I really did have to let go and just write it. No agonizing over this word here, or that phrase there. I just had to let it be and it turned out wonderfully! I reached my goal and the story is moving along swimmingly.

Now I have challenged myself to finish this first draft by the end of this month. Yes, I am a fan of torture. Wish me luck. I’m going to need all the help I can get!

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Moira said...

I haven't managed to do it yet myself, but I a wise friend told me I should write the first draft all the way through without worry or consequence. Just sit down and write it and see where it goes. Once I get to the end, that is when we worry about words or sentence structure, plot holes, all those things we tend to worry or wonder about. Not that you shouldn't worry about them to a certain extent during the first draft, but if you tend to allow them to sabotage you, then you are doing yourself and the story a disservice.

I have faith that this new approach will work out for you. Me? I unfortunately am not up to learning new tricks, but once I reacquaint myself and fine tune this draft, I might think of moving forward without looking back. Hugs!

Janice said...

Good luck.


Lauren Murphy said...

Thanks Ladies. You guys are great!!