Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Got A Contract!!

As most of you know I've been writing for about ten years and I've been working on becoming published for about a year. Well finally the day has come. I signed a contract with Shadowfire Press ( a new e publisher on Sunday for my Christmas Novella. I am so freakin excited! A dream come true. The release date is set for November 7th. Check out the cover and the blurb below.


Plagued by her weight gain, Cara’s self-esteem has taken a downward spiral. No longer feeling attractive she unknowingly pushes away the one thing she truly wants; her husband’s affections.

Mike considers himself to be an understanding man but enough is enough. He wants his old Cara back--the wild, vivacious woman he met and knows is waiting to be revived. His desire for her compels him to create a plan that will bring them closer together emotionally and sexually. But will Cara be able to open her mind and body to the man she loves or will she push him away for good?

Thanks for stopping by.


Moira said...

Lauren, do you know how tickled I am for you? Seriously! All that stressing over submissions paid off. Congrats!

Lauren Murphy said...

Thanks Moira. I guess I have you to thank because if you and bria wouldn't have continuously talked me out of quitting I probably wouldn't be here. *hugs and smoochies*

Shelley Munro said...

Congratulations! That's wonderful news.

Dee Carney said...

That's FABULOUS Lauren!! Congrats!! And the story sounds so sweet. I can't wait to read it!!

Don said...

Awesome, I am due for 2/14/09 myself. I haven't received my advance yet.


Hard work pays off, it really does..doesn't it? Congratulations.

Katie Reus said...

Congrats woman!!! That's so effing cool :) I just saw your sig line over at Divas and realized you'd signed!! I love stories about married couples rekindling that spark!

Lauren Murphy said...

OMG I feel so loved. Thanks all of you for coming by to see me. *warm fuzzies*

I can't wait for it to come out. *happy sigh*