Thursday, October 16, 2008

Excerpt for Cara's Christmas Fantasy Available from Shadowfire Press Novemeber 7th

Cara's Christmas Fantasy by Lauren Murphy

Genre: Contemporary Big Beautiful Woman

Heat Rating: Bonfire

Length: Long Story-17,000 words

Price: $3.75

Coming November 7th from Shadowfire Press

"I didn't think you were ever getting out of that shower." Mike's deep rumbling voice said from behind her. Her breath caught in her throat as she whirled around and spotted him standing at the door. Stuck. She hadn't brought a towel with her when she came out of the bathroom figuring that she was still alone in the house. This situation gave the deer in the headlights saying a whole new meaning.

"Well aren't you going to speak to me?" His eyes roamed over her body slow and sure. His voice curled around her like silk drawing a shiver from her naked form. All thought fled her mind until her brain was empty of everything but the sound of his voice and the heated look in his deep brown eyes.

"Hi," she whispered, her voice barely audible in the nerve racking silence hovering about the room. His foot steps echoed in her ears as he made a slow, purposeful advance toward her.
"Cara," he said against her parted lips once he'd finally reached her. He pulled her against him, touching her with his erection through his thin slacks, creating a pool of heat deep in her loins. Damn, he was hot!

She had never seen him like this, all raw and shaking with desire. Desire for her, really? His generous hands roamed over her body. When he reached her hips and ass her body involuntarily stiffened at the contact, but he pressed her closer and growled into her ear, "Mine."

Lust crashed over Cara like a tidal wave hurdling toward land. With just one single word he had stripped her of everything except the need for him and his possession of her. And God help her, she loved it. Like warm butter she melted under his artful touch. He knew exactly what to do to get her juices flowing and it had been so long, all he had to do was just look at her with those hooded eyes and she was lost.

Coming November 7th from Shadowfire Press


Janice said...

Congradulations on the contract, and that scene was hot!!!


jodi said...

It's a good excerpt, Lauren. :) And a good Christmas present. Merry Christmas.

Lauren Murphy said...

Thanks ladies. I think I broke a sweat when I wrote it lol!