Monday, February 13, 2012


You know, it’s been brought to my attention that I could possibly be longwinded…wait…have we had this discussion before? Well, you know what, who cares? For some reason I tend to think of myself as quiet and reserved. Well recent correspondences either written or verbal, through multiple different media types, have all confirmed that I obviously have a VERY flawed viewpoint! When I feel the need to express an opinion, somehow my well intentioned ten word response (ok, yeah whatever) turns into a one hundred thousand word novel (perhaps a slight exaggeration).

Well as I’ve struggled worked to complete my latest WIPs I’ve realized that my stories and ideas have gotten longer, and longer, and longer… and longer. The premises are getting more complicated, the characters are growing deeper and my imagination has gotten wilder (not that I feel this is bad, mind you). But yes it appears that I have changed and so has my writing, but I’m okay with this… for now.

*stands to introduce herself* Hi my name is Lauren and I’m longwinded… so what! *neener neener*

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