Monday, January 30, 2012

How About a Poem?

It's a little dark, but there is a little light shed at the end. ;)

The Time Has Come
By. Lauren Murphy

Distorted images of a dark face linger
Terrorizing my mind as I lie sleeping
Creeping in and out of peaceful dreams
Caressing my thoughts with angry malice

I hide under a fog of fleeting uncertainty
Afraid to confront the ominous essence
Impaling me with horror, hushed voice whispering
Hateful phrases, demeaning heartfelt desires

Tears flow from my eyes, as I realize
No other way, I must remain, wishing
For deliverance, survival seriously significant
Soul filled with evil, clouding my senses

Weary of hiding, my spirit demands release
My mind begins to clear, eliminating my fears
Tears disappear, no longer a slave
Released from my shackles, no longer afraid

Refreshed, restored, renewed, alive
The time has come...slowly I rise.

© Lauren Murphy, All rights reserved

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