Sunday, February 27, 2011

Time Management

Life seems to be an in-depth juggling act and often I have a tendency to get overwhelmed. Feeling like I’m to busy to be able to tell my feet from my head is certainly not how I want to spend my days, on other hand I want to feel like I am getting as much out of my days as possible. I have the day job, family and myself all to think of on a day-to-day bases and I am determined to find a way to get as much time in each portion of my life as I possibly can.

So, I have decided to work on my time management skills which have been pretty much nil for the longest. I believe that people can change (even me) so I’ve decided to section of my days and prioritize each portion. Now I am not a strict planner and just the idea of limiting myself to a certain structure each day, every day makes me cringe. However I do think that if I set loose goals for myself on a daily bases and make the most important ones a priority, then I can get more use or better use of my time.

In using time management wisely I have learned that there is nothing worse than stressing about what didn’t get done. I am human (though being a superhero would be *sings* awesome) and realize that there are some days my goals may not be completed. I have come to understand that I have to be ok with this in order for my process to work. Now I’m not saying that I should look forward to slacking off of on my goals, I will try my best to attain as many of them as possible. However, if I miss a few for the day then it’s okay and I can always try again the next time. I understand that as I move forward with this plan then I will become more efficient over time, which is really the most important goal over all. (This, of course all sounds good in theory, but I shall see.)

Another important part of time management (for me anyway) is to make sure that I give 100% to each goal as I am working on it. When I am at the day job I don’t dwell on something else I’d rather be doing (for the most part). I do my best to make sure I am focusing on being as efficient as possible on my tasks and the same goes for my family life and me time. When I am working at a certain aspect of life I am devoted to that aspect until it is time to move on. This makes it easier to concentrate on the task at hand and often allows me to feel happier about what I’m doing since I’m not moaning and wishing I was somewhere else.

So with that in mind, I am off to be productive and insure that I am managing my time to the best of my ability.

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