Thursday, February 10, 2011

Poetry Time!

A poetry contest was held at my job. The topic was diversity or how we see or feel about the adversities in life regarding our many differences. I entered, though I didn't final, I was asked to recite my poetry at the poetry slam they are having tomorrow. Here is my piece. Enjoy.

Thunder Showers
By. Lauren Murphy

Shriveled up, dry, filled with regret
Rooted in firm, unyielding hatred
Immersed, in a dismal drought
Caused by scorching bitterness
Overcast, clouds cover my minds eye
Distorted images, incoherent thoughts
Dangerous emotions, lashing out
Lightening striking, thunder rumbling
Tearing through, the sky opening
Glistening moisture, pouring down
Soothing feelings, of raw blatant
Aching, a waterfall of relief, a shower
Of forgiveness, relief flows through me
Nourishing my core, my heart begins to beat,
My mind calm at peace, steady are my thoughts
The sky begins to clear, clouds disappear
I become free, to love, once again.

© Lauren Murphy, All rights reserved