Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

There are a lot of times when I should be writing or doing something equally productive but I’m wasting time instead. I am in fact a master procrastinator. I’m so good at it I could teach classes. Today I thought I’d share some of my procrastination techniques.

13 Methods of Procrastination

1. Daydreaming. Oh yes this little bugger has gotten me into trouble since the third grade. Instead of paying attention in class I’d stare out the window (window seats are a bad idea for me) and imagine flying with magical unicorns. Not much has changed only now instead of ignoring a teacher I’m ignoring my manuscript (MS)…

2. Doodling. This is when I sit with a notebook (usually when I am trying to brainstorm ideas) and draw little hearts, balloons or something equally stupid instead of WORKING ON MY MS. Often I will get inspiration from number one to make the little pictures for this one even more ridiculous. No, I will not post examples of my illustrious illustrations.

3. Surfing the web. This is by far my biggest time suck and procrastination tool. I do research, usually for non related writing things. Today I learned a great deal of information about the great lakes… That I will NEVER use!

4. Romance Divas. One of the greatest places in the internet world. I would describe this place as internet heaven actually. This site is an excellent resource for writing information but also a great place for hanging out, making friends, posting life experiences… procrastinating. Of them all this is the one I would never even think about giving up.

5. Myspace. Seriously, that Tom guy has some serious explaining to do. I don’t know if he’s the one who invented this place or not but I blame him. The stupid apps, and messages, and status updates, comments… okay you get the picture. There is too much to do there and now they’ve attached the IM thingy to the bottom of the window so people can just contact you if they see you’re on. Not good.

6. Obsessively checking emails. I have numerous email accounts (probably a mistake) and I check them constantly even when I’m not waiting for a specific response about something. Really, they must have anonymous groups for people like me…

7. Blogging. *gasp* As much as I enjoy blogging sometimes I do it instead of working on my MS… like now, but I’m almost done so it’s okay.

8. Obsessively checking to see if anyone has commented on blog. Yeah I know I need help. Refer to the last sentence of number 6.

9. Staring for long moments (we won’t count how many) at a blank Word document (or unfinished document) while wondering if the story I’m starting or working on is any good and if there is a point to even writing it. What I should be doing is working on the damn story and not angsting over the nothing that I haven’t written!

10. Yahoo IM. OMG what a HUGE time suck! I spend more time talking to people on IM than should be legally allowed.

11. Talking on the phone. I do this with people I can’t reach on IM. Usually it’s my mom and we talk until the battery runs out on my cellphone. Yeah, that’s a lot of talking and very little writing.

12. Reading. Yes reading is fundamental but not when you’re actually supposed to be writing. Once in school I got in trouble for reading instead of paying attention in class… I think it was an omen.

13. TV. I can’t tell you how many brain cells I’ve lost watching it. I can say, however, that no matter how bored I get or how much I am trying to procrastinate I will NOT watch “reality” TV. Seriously, 99.9% of it is crap and not realistic in the least. I just can’t force myself to watch it. It makes me want to wash my eyes out with bleach whenever I’m forced to watch it… okay sorry went on a little tirade there but now I’m back.

So here is my list of procrastination methods. Do you have any?


Stephanie Adkins said...

Oh yes ... I'm guilty of all of those. I'm a horrible procrastinator. LOL Happy Thursday!

Ember said...

I was almost afraid to read this in case I found a new procrastination tool on here!

For me it's the internet. There are days I just have to pull the plug to get any writing done.

Flicka Holt said...

Nah, nothing new in there! Haha, I'll even clean or sort laundry just so I won't have to do what I like best. How stupid is that?

Paige Tyler said...

I so do the checking my email thing! LOL!


My TT is at

Adelle Laudan said...

Yup,yup, and yup... U R NOT ALONE!

Happy T13!

Alice Audrey said...

Now all you need to do if figure out how to write the unicorn into the manuscript and you can call the window-staring "work."

Jennifer McKenzie said...
Don't click it.

And #9. I do that WAY too much.

Mary Quast said...

OMG. I felt like I was doing a check list! Thanks for helping me procrastinate. Hugs & Happy TT.

Heather said...

Who me? I never procrastinate. Okay, almost never. *Snicker*

Great list!

Janice said...

Oh yeah, the internet can be the biggest help a writer has or the biggest waste of time, lol.


Yvette Davis said...

I like #4!

Kristin H. said...

Yeah I am guilty of doing all that stuff!! LOL!