Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Poetry Share

Yes it's me again participating in the Summer Reading Trail. I love poetry and so decided to share a piece I wrote for a contest a few years ago. It's a spicy little piece so you might get a little hot. ;) Enjoy!

By. Lauren Murphy

I stare into midnight eyes, dark as the sky, I sigh

A moan escapes my lips, as you kiss my hips, you rise

Your wet tongue slips inside my mouth

So deeply aroused our tongues tangle, dancing, swirling, swaying.

Your hands on my breasts massaging my smooth tingling skin.

I'm on fire burning with delicious desire.

You gently nudge my back into the wall place your knees between my thighs

Dripping wet I'm drowning in ecstasy

Impatiently awaiting you to join my body

Your tongue grazes my neck as your

Fingers drift down my body lifting my dress

Exposing my naked fevered flesh.

Eyes boring into mine smoldering with lust.

I reach for your pants rip of your belt

And free your straining, beautiful erection I can't stand it!

I need you now, please don't make me wait

You place my arms around your neck

Slowly lifting me off the ground

Pining me tightly against the bathroom wall spreading my thighs

You slowly slip your finger in and out of my

Slippery wet valley of love as your tongue mimics your actions below

"Please" I whisper in a shattered voice

As another moan escapes my swollen kissed lips

"Please" I whisper as I slowly begin to slide my hand

Up and down your rock hard erection

You lean your head against the wall next to mine

And whisper a moan in my ear as you thrust into my body

The earth shatters as you smoothly slide in and out, with slow powerful strokes

My mind reels no longer capable of coherent thought

You kiss me to cover my moans of pleasure

Grabbing my hips as you thrust deeper, harder

Our bodies begin to shudder in ecstasy I close my eyes as you hit my sweet spot

Over and over bringing my body to unbelievable climax.

You pour your hot love into me with powerful spasms

As I tighten around your hard body

Time slows I begin to catch my breath

Releasing you a beautiful stranger an angel

I fix my clothes slowly gaining my composure

As I make my way from the bathroom, and back into the crowded restaurant.

© Lauren Murphy, All rights reserved

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