Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things I Love and Miss about My Hometown
Some of you may not know this but I’m originally from Chicago, IL. It was like culture shock when I came to the south but eventually I learned to love it. There are still some things I miss and will always love about Chicago.

1. Hot Dogs. The Chicago style hot dog was one of the best inventions on the planet. It really is a meal on a bun topped with pickles, onions, tomatoes, Ketchup and mustard. Some people like to add or subtract but I like it just the way it is!
2. The Gyros Sandwich. I know they have this wonderful Greek treat in other places but in Chicago… wow. They are so big you have to eat it sideways and I have yet to finish one. The lamb meat is wonderful and succulent and they are best served with onions, tomatoes and lots of cucumber sauce. Yummy!
3. Pizza! Chicago is the only place I will eat a deep dish pizza. My favorite place is Gino’s East. OMG they make the pizza on a yellowish cornbread crust and the pizza is so saucy and flavorful. The pieces are so big I can only eat about two. *drool*
4. The Museum of Science and Industry is my favorite museum. They have exhibits that will interest people from 2 years old to 80. There are all kinds of buttons and walk through exhibits and information. It’s just wonderful.
5. Next is the Field Museum. The exhibits there are wonderful as well. You can learn about dinosaurs and see their bones reconstructed, soaring toward the ceiling or catch an adventure into an Egyptian tomb. Really how could you not love it?
6. The Shed Aquarium is to die for. There are all sorts of sea animals and snakes and lizards. They also have shows. It’s well worth the time and money and you’ll have to go more than once to see all there is to see and get the full experience.
7. Brookfield Zoo is excellent. I’m 26 and I still beg my mommy to take me when I go home during the warm months. They have so many activities and events depending on the time of year and it’s just lovely to walk through.
8. Barbeque. I know the south is supposed to be known for barbeque but they don’t do it the way we do. We do it in a pit. (ooh that sounded naughty) You can literally smell the food a block before you get to the place and you can order ribs, chicken, hot links and pretty much anything else. My favorite joint is Lem’s Barbeque House. The food is so good and the sauce is one of a kind.
9. The Taste of Chicago. I haven’t been in years but I want to go back so badly. You can get a taste of what everyone has to offer and meet a lot of people along the way. If you go on July third you’ll be treated to the best fireworks show I’ve ever seen. It’s good enough to stop traffic on Lake Shore Drive.
10. Harold’s Chicken. By far the best chicken joint I’ve ever been to. The chicken is tender and juicy and the sauce is to die for. You don’t go to Harold’s and not get sauce. I usually get a mix of hot and mild. *more drooling*
11. The Lake (That would be Lake Michigan). During the summer the lake is where it’s at. There are concerts, festivals and don’t forget The Taste (mentioned in number 9). It’s the best on an 80 degree. When you walk by you get that nice lake effect breeze and it… just… feels… so.. GOOD! And It’s huge. You can’t even see to the other side. The first time I took The Man there his eyes turned to saucers and he said, “That’s a Lake?”
12. Public Transportation. I love where I live now but the public transportation system sucks. In Chicago I didn’t even need to drive… and I didn’t. There are the buses (The CTA and the PACE), the L Train (which has multiples lines and there are two many to try and list them all) and the Metra. Some of them even run all night long. God I miss owl service.*sigh*
13. Last but not least I miss and love my family and friends. My parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and closest friends all still live there for the most part. They always make me wish I could live in two places at once. I love them all and miss them dearly. *kisses to all my family and friends*

Well it’s time to go to work but thanks for stopping by and sharing things I love about my hometown. See you later.


Stephanie Adkins said...

I'm a HUGE pizza addict, so the pizza would be first on my list should I ever make it to Chicago. LOL Great list! Happy Thursday! *Hugs*

Ms Menozzi said...

Girl, you're convincing me to come out to Chicago when I get home again! LOL! I have a friend who lives and works there - I should have him show me around. ;)

Happy TT!

Alice Audrey said...

I haven't had a Gyro since I lived in Wisconsin. Oh, they have something here in Montana that they call a Gyro, but it's not the same.

Inez Kelley said...

I would love to visit Chicago!My home town would fit on like one city block there.

Adelle Laudan said...

I hope you get the chance to visit your family real soon. It's wonderful to have such fond memories.
Happy T13!

Paige Tyler said...

Great TT! Love pizza, too!


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Anonymous said...

I would love to see Chicago someday. Great list.
Happy Thursday. My 13

Lauren Murphy said...

Thanks you guys for stopping by.

I felt the same way when I got to TN. I looked at the sad little thing as asked, "So this is what you call a Gyro?"

Kate Willoughby said...

Chicago is a terrific town. I remember having my very first croissant there.

Anonymous said...

I flew into O'Hare the day before 9/11 and the city looked so wonderful from above when my plane made its final approach. I'd love to visit Chicago for a week one of these days.