Friday, January 11, 2008

Tag You're It!

So I got tagged by some very mean and evil people. Just kidding. My dear friends wished to torture me with this tag game. I got hit not once but twice, how nice. First I got hit by AJ Chase. As if that wasn't enough I also got hit by Jodi. Thanks guys! So here it is.

The rules:
Link to the person who tagged you;
Leave a comment on their blog so that their readers can visit yours;
Post the rules on your blog;
Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog;
Tag 7 random people at the end of your post;
Include links to their blogs;
Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Seven things about me:
1. I am totally obsessed with video games.
2. I love anime.
3. I am addicted to the internet (mostly just Divas).
4. I am originally from Chicago, IL but now live in TN.
5. My favorite color is sky blue.
6. I am a martial artist.
7. I grew up and remain a tom boy.

I'm going to tag...Diana Castilleja, SpydurPoet, Eden Bradley, Sela, Magenta Infusion, Tammie (trenae), Teresa D'Amario


Teresa D'Amario said...

I didn't realize that was you on myspace. That's ok, You are so dead. Just kidding. I knew the instant you said you were tagged that I was in trouble.

That being said, I linked to the myspace blog, but also my primary blog over at They are not ALWAYS alike, and that's the primary "home" for me to write. :D

jodi said...

see how tagging spreads ripples in a pond?

It's all Jennifer Leeland's fault!!!! SHE made me do it...

Nice list, Lauren... :)

Ally Kendall said...

I tagged you, too. Except than I couldn't comment on your myspace and I didn't know you'd started blogging on here, so I just kinda pretended I did it. :)

Thanks for the encouraging words on my blog. You are very right about just writing it, leaving it and coming back later. I still think I'd pick it apart though. It just makes me wonder if I'll ever be completely happy with a story, you know?'re into martial arts? I might have to pick your brain for a character bio in the near future.