Sunday, June 26, 2011

Time for a Poem!

You know I must have been reaching really far back into the past... or channeling from some friends in the present because I really don't know where this piece came from. I am usually never so angsty (I can make up words if I wanna) but man, the words sounded nice to me so I wrote it anyway.

Disconnected Silence
By. Lauren Murphy

Clever words,
Roll across my tongue,
As I hide behind pretty lies.
Eyes glisten,
Savage seas toss turbulently,
Stealing breath,
As my throat closes,
Oversuppressed storms of misty misery.
Deep reaching,
Your succulent energy,
Enslaved me to this addiction.
Grips this cold battered heart,
My love disconnects from yours,
Harsh, dreadful clouds,
Clog, once clear thoughts,
Dragging me,
Into dingy recesses,
Of fearful loneliness,
Drenched inanger
As I stare upon your beloved face.
Deceitful untruths,
Release from parted lips,
Expressing feigned nonchalance,
While my soul shatters,
Into shards of broken anguish,
Reflecting tattered remnants,
Of a once solid connection.
Consumed with dark shadows,
Life leaks from tired limbs and shredded emotions,
I remain,
In darkness,
Comforted by gloom,
In lonely silence.

© Lauren Murphy, All rights reserved

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