Sunday, March 13, 2011

Using Time Wisely for Writing (Or Motivation Issues)

I’m still tweaking my time management plan. It’s been working somewhat, but now the issue is not so much that I don’t have the time, but more of being consistent with the time I have. I have certain times of day that belong to me and just me. Of those times I’ve decided which ones are going to be writing time and which ones will be… other.

In my mind I am very dedicated to my writing. I want to be productive and creative. I want to feel good about the time I use to focus on my writing, but when I feel the story is taking too long, or when I feel I’m being distracted by my environment, or when I feel the story isn’t getting my creative juices flowing the way it should I start avoiding my writing time, which I’ve worked so hard to establish. (Holy run-on sentence Batman!)

Recently, I’ve decided to give this consistency thing another go (there must be something to it, right?). I’ve edited everyday this week, for at least an hour, which is encouraging. I’m thinking if I can get myself used to doing it regularly it will become more like a routine and harder to get away from or “forget.” Wish me luck.

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Molly McLain said...

I'm with you on this 100%. I suck at managing my time (which there really is plenty of) and I think it's because I don't have a routine in place either. Good luck on your endeavors for consistency, Ms. Lauren. :)