Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So I joined facebook

And it’s just as much of a time suck as I thought it would be. Trying to resist those stupid application invites is like trying to avoid chocolate cake (and I love chocolate cake). Seriously, why can’t I just click ignore and be done with it. Nooooooooooo I have to accept them (well most of them)… then become obsessed about leveling up and giving out free gifts (if only some of them were real). Now I’m stuck farming. Really, farming? I’m from Chicago I’ve never even been to a farm. If only I could make myself stop. There has to be rehab for people like me.

Okay, I won’t lie there are perks. Half my family is on facebook (it’s their fault I joined in the first place). I love the fact that I can still keep in touch with them even though we are 500 miles apart. I like seeing their pictures and hearing about their lives. I feel like I still get to be a part of things (in a way) even though I’m not there… but damn those applications. Facebook should come with a disclaimer!

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