Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Is it necessary or overrated?

This question came to mind as I was writing a nice hot scene from one of my recent WIPs. The hero gets the heroine all worked up until she is dying for him to lay it on her. She quivers with need, moans his name and begs for him to put her out of her misery and this is all before he even penetrates her. I'm warm just thinking about it. *fans*

Sure it's nice to read about it or think about it but is it always necessary? Sure sometimes I like to go slow and take my time but sometimes I am just ready to hop to it. What do you think? Is it something that's better off in books or our imaginations or is it something that needs to happen on the regular? Shy people I see you out there. Please come play with me, you know I really want to know. ;)

Until next time.

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