Sunday, April 24, 2011

Poetry Share

I wrote this one for a poetry contest that called for something filled with angst. Did I go a little overboard? I don't know lol. Here it is anyway. ;)

Please Don't Leave
By. Lauren Murphy

Why do you torment me, with your cold careless ways?
Has my beauty somehow failed me, is my love now invisible?
The pain in my heart, resides in my eyes, as they drip their wet sadness,
Bleeding from emotions, repeatedly denied, bringing me to my knees…
Please don’t leave.

Without you, I cease to be, my soul craves you, thirsty for affection,
Dry, parched, longing for your passion.
Just to get a glimpse of you, still fills me to completion,
With abundant blessedness. Baby, I need you…
Please don’t leave.

If only you could tell me, that you reciprocate my feelings,
That you need me, for nourishment, and without me you would perish
Maybe then I wouldn’t miss you so.
Damn it! Are you listening? I’m begging, I’m pleading…

© Lauren Murphy, All rights reserved

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Her Own Best Enemy by Cynthia Justlin

In honor of Cynthia Justlin's birthday later this week, she's holding a $0.99 SALE on her romantic suspense, HER OWN BEST ENEMY. This is a limited time sale, so grab it while it's cheap!

Desperate to track down her ex-husband who disappeared along with their son, Grace Stevens delves into his past and uncovers evidence of a shocking dual life. The man she thought was an ordinary computer consultant is in fact a former high-ranking Special Forces officer with unique skills in military intelligence. With nowhere to turn she is forced to plead for help from Keith King, the one man she hoped to never see again. Against her better judgment she’ll have to put her child’s fate into his hands.

Keith has officially hit rock bottom. Framed for the theft of deadly missile components, the cynical Special Forces officer is in danger of losing the only thing he can count on: his career. His one shot at clearing his name lies in locating Grace’s ex, who was working with Keith on a secret mission to take down a cutthroat military traitor. But to team up with Grace he’ll need to spend 24/7 with a woman who has every reason to hate him. Out to use each other for their own agenda, desperate mother and disillusioned soldier find they must work together to stay alive, and in the process discover that sometimes even the best of enemies fall in love.

Get it from Amazon or B&N!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

SOLD!!!! (Could I be more obnoxious with all those exclamation marks?)

I’ve been out of it the past few weeks and so out of touch. *prays for forgiveness* But I do have some fabulous news. Last week, I signed a contract with Cobblestone Press, and my novella, Curse of the Demon Queen, is going to be published! It’s been a nice long while since I’ve been able to make this type of announcement and it feels so goooooooooooooooood! I still don’t think I’ve come down from the high, and that’s all right with me. I am thrilled that my baby is going to be published. This story is dear to my heart and I can’t wait to share it.

Here’s a blurb.

For fifty years, Aamon has carried the pain of his lover's betrayal and her curse. He wishes to forget the harsh lessons he's been forced to learn, but the Queen of the Demons will not be so easily cast aside. Aamon does his best to close himself to Lilith's version of the past, but his raging emotions and lustful body shout down the reasoning of his mind.

Lilith has taken the fall for wrongs she didn't commit, and lost everything that truly matters. The irrevocable curse she'd flung at Aamon had been a result of her frustration, and now she is devastated that it may have cost her only chance at happiness. Since Aamon refuses to accept her explanations, her only hope lies in the power of love and seduction, but she doesn't know if that will ever be enough to undo the wrongs of the past.

Will the barriers Aamon has built between them hold fast, or will she finally convince him to follow the desires of his body and his heart?

Thanks for stopping by. I hope everyone will be as excited to read it as I was (am) to write it.