Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things I Love and Miss about My Hometown
Some of you may not know this but I’m originally from Chicago, IL. It was like culture shock when I came to the south but eventually I learned to love it. There are still some things I miss and will always love about Chicago.

1. Hot Dogs. The Chicago style hot dog was one of the best inventions on the planet. It really is a meal on a bun topped with pickles, onions, tomatoes, Ketchup and mustard. Some people like to add or subtract but I like it just the way it is!
2. The Gyros Sandwich. I know they have this wonderful Greek treat in other places but in Chicago… wow. They are so big you have to eat it sideways and I have yet to finish one. The lamb meat is wonderful and succulent and they are best served with onions, tomatoes and lots of cucumber sauce. Yummy!
3. Pizza! Chicago is the only place I will eat a deep dish pizza. My favorite place is Gino’s East. OMG they make the pizza on a yellowish cornbread crust and the pizza is so saucy and flavorful. The pieces are so big I can only eat about two. *drool*
4. The Museum of Science and Industry is my favorite museum. They have exhibits that will interest people from 2 years old to 80. There are all kinds of buttons and walk through exhibits and information. It’s just wonderful.
5. Next is the Field Museum. The exhibits there are wonderful as well. You can learn about dinosaurs and see their bones reconstructed, soaring toward the ceiling or catch an adventure into an Egyptian tomb. Really how could you not love it?
6. The Shed Aquarium is to die for. There are all sorts of sea animals and snakes and lizards. They also have shows. It’s well worth the time and money and you’ll have to go more than once to see all there is to see and get the full experience.
7. Brookfield Zoo is excellent. I’m 26 and I still beg my mommy to take me when I go home during the warm months. They have so many activities and events depending on the time of year and it’s just lovely to walk through.
8. Barbeque. I know the south is supposed to be known for barbeque but they don’t do it the way we do. We do it in a pit. (ooh that sounded naughty) You can literally smell the food a block before you get to the place and you can order ribs, chicken, hot links and pretty much anything else. My favorite joint is Lem’s Barbeque House. The food is so good and the sauce is one of a kind.
9. The Taste of Chicago. I haven’t been in years but I want to go back so badly. You can get a taste of what everyone has to offer and meet a lot of people along the way. If you go on July third you’ll be treated to the best fireworks show I’ve ever seen. It’s good enough to stop traffic on Lake Shore Drive.
10. Harold’s Chicken. By far the best chicken joint I’ve ever been to. The chicken is tender and juicy and the sauce is to die for. You don’t go to Harold’s and not get sauce. I usually get a mix of hot and mild. *more drooling*
11. The Lake (That would be Lake Michigan). During the summer the lake is where it’s at. There are concerts, festivals and don’t forget The Taste (mentioned in number 9). It’s the best on an 80 degree. When you walk by you get that nice lake effect breeze and it… just… feels… so.. GOOD! And It’s huge. You can’t even see to the other side. The first time I took The Man there his eyes turned to saucers and he said, “That’s a Lake?”
12. Public Transportation. I love where I live now but the public transportation system sucks. In Chicago I didn’t even need to drive… and I didn’t. There are the buses (The CTA and the PACE), the L Train (which has multiples lines and there are two many to try and list them all) and the Metra. Some of them even run all night long. God I miss owl service.*sigh*
13. Last but not least I miss and love my family and friends. My parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and closest friends all still live there for the most part. They always make me wish I could live in two places at once. I love them all and miss them dearly. *kisses to all my family and friends*

Well it’s time to go to work but thanks for stopping by and sharing things I love about my hometown. See you later.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Bath room etiquette or 13 rules of public/non private work place bathrooms that should never be ignored.

1. If there are 8 other perfectly usable stalls available DON’T SIT NEXT TO ME! Seriously could you not have used one of the other stalls?
2. If you insist on sitting next to me and I happen to be out of toilet paper the least you could do is hand me some if I ask. Don’t hoard an entire roll in your stall. No one needs that much damn TP.
3. Along the lines of TP don’t leave it all over the floor when you’re done. Again no one needs that much and if it’s trailing the floor (And now attached to the bottom of my shoe) then you’ve gone overboard.
4. Don’t pee all over the seat (especially women). I mean seriously ladies have no excuse. If you don’t want to sit your bare ass on the public toilet then use the seat covers or make one out of TP. Don’t make the rest of us suffer
5. If I don’t know you please do not try to have a conversation with me over the walls of the stalls… seriously if we don’t know each other the only time we should speak is if discussing number 2 and it should still be brief.
6. Speaking of briefs, if for some reason you feel the need to remove your underwear please don’t leave them behind. We don’t want to see them… trust me.
7. Also, women, if it’s your “time” of the month PLEASE do NOT leave behind used feminine products were others will be unfortunate to see them. Really. Those little trashcans in the stalls are there for a reason.*HURL*
8. Let’s talk about the handicap stall. I know it’s got the little blue sign on the door or near the door but seriously, if you are close to having an “accident” please just use it ESPECIALLY if there are no handicap people around. Really I’m sure they’d rather wait a few minutes than slip and fall on your pee.
9. If you feel the need to take your cell phone into the stall with you I beg you not to have a 30 minute conversation while taking up said stall. Really someone could be out there with their bladder about to burst. You wouldn’t want to have that on your conscience now would you?
10. The bathroom is not a conference room. Please do not hold extensive meetings in there with your buddies. Most of us are trying to get in and out quickly and chances are your “meeting” is in the way of more urgent matters.
11. When you’re done handling your “business” please flush. And if it all doesn’t go down the first time flush AGAIN. There is no such thing as limited flushes as far as I know and everyone who comes in afterward would be eternally grateful.
12. After exiting the stall please wash your hands. No other explanation needed on that I should hope.
13. When washing hands please try not to make horrendous mess. I know it can be difficult but the least you can do if the water gets out of hand is clean it up. Really I don’t want to lean to close to the sink and come back looking like a wash rag.

Can you tell I had a not so nice day? Let’s hope for a better tomorrow, shall we? *Sigh*

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Insulting Vs. Opinionated

I’ve been stewing on this one for a while now. I come from a long line of VERY opinionated people. We have loud discussions at family gatherings and even a few arguments. Most of us feel very strongly about our opinions, which I think is great. I think if you’re going to stand for something then you should be willing to support it. I take part in a lot of discussions and my favorite topics are often controversial. Usually the discussions remain respectful however there have been occasions when our very diverse, opinionated conversations have turned into insulting arguments. Usually (but not always) the arguments begin because of misunderstandings or hurt feelings because of the way someone has presented their case.

I am never one to say that people should not be allowed their point of view but when does it go from being opinionated to insulting? Personally (I know you didn’t ask but I’m giving it to you anyway lol) I think it’s in the delivery. I believe there is a way to say certain things and way not to say them, especially when it comes to controversial topics. I know that I have some views that are going to ruffle a few feathers but I always try to be careful about how I approach them with people.

For example I try to be mindful of who I am speaking with. If I am speaking with someone I know is sensitive I am going to take a different approach than with someone I know isn’t easily offended. Also I try to be careful how I word things, especially if it’s an online conversation. When someone only has my words to go off of and can’t see body language or eye contact they may not know that I’m being sarcastic or funny. In a nut shell I feel that it’s the way our different views are expressed that can lump us into either the Insulting or Opinionated category. Or maybe some of us can dabble in a little of both. I know that when we get passionate about something it can be hard to stop and consider whether or not what we are about to say or how we are about to say it could be offensive to someone else.

I’m curious about your thoughts. Please share!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Love About Spring.

1. The smell of freshly cut grass. It almost smells sweet.

2. The warmer weather. I'm a winter baby that hates the winter. The hotter the better.

3. Thundershowers. I know it rains during the winter but it rains more in the spring. The sound and the smell relax me and make me sleep like a baby.

4. Saving electricity. I love leaving the doors and windows open to let the breeze flow through. The fresh air just does something for me.

5. Kids. I'm from a generation where the kids liked to spend more time outdoors than inside (even though we still loved to play our video games). Seeing the kids playing outside, when it's finally warm enough just touches my heart.

6. Long walks. Once the weather finally turns, I love to spend time outdoors walking and enjoying the time with someone special.

7. Sitting on the patio (doesn't have to be your patio). What's better than sitting outside and enjoying the breeze? Sitting outside and enjoying the breeze.

8. Then there are barbeques. The smell of food cooking on a grill as you sit on the patio mentioned above is one of the best things ever. I know barbeques are sometimes thought of as a summer thing but around here we barbeque on the first day the temperature hits 70.

9. While enjoying the barbeque I like to watch the leaves come back. There cute light green color makes me feel good and happy inside.

10. The longer days are wonderful. I hate daylight savings time, really who wants to lose an hour, but having longer amounts of time with sunlight is so worth it.

11. I like the new wardrobe colors for the spring. Though the deeper reds and browns from fall and winter are lovely the blues and pinks of spring are my favorite.

12. Speaking of changes in wardrobe I like the new fashions of spring. The shorts, tanks and miniskirts are right up my alley.

13. Finally there are the opened toed shoes. I love to have my feet out and feel the air against my flesh.

It's supposed to be warm out today. I think I may go out and enjoy some of this spring weather!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

13 Woes of a Mom with a Two Year Old Son

1. Bad listening skills. I KNOW he understands me, I can tell by that little sneaky look on his face that says, “I know what you’re saying, but so what I’m going to do it anyway.”

2. The two letter word that should really be a four letter word! Sometimes The Boy is bold of enough to tell me NO… of course after I give him “The Look” he runs off and does whatever it is I’ve asked, which proves the validity of number 1.

3. Kisses! To balance out the horrors above sometimes he’ll give me kisses. They are sweet and a little moist and just melt my little heart.

4. Then he has to go and wipe off said kisses. I don’t know why we just can’t stay on a high note.

5. The running. It seems like just yesterday he was taking his first wobbly steps and now we’ve just skipped to running. There appears to be no such thing as walking.

6. Splashing in the bath tub. OK this one is actually kind of fun… as long as I’m wearing a shower cap.

7. Of course number 6 and pretty much everything else he does leaves behind a huge mess. It’s safe to say that my house will never be clean again.

8. Sleep time is my favorite time of day. He really looks so calm and peaceful and sweet… and quiet.

9. At one year old he wasn’t picky, he ate whatever we gave him, now he’s developing a list of “don’t likes” and I don’t like it. If I hand him a raison he should just eat it! I can’t be alone in feeling like this?

10. I mentioned kisses but forgot hugs. These are almost better then kisses because they are so warm and sweet… and he can’t wipe them off.

11. I totally love the conversations we have. Here’s this morning’s. Him: “How [are] you doin’?” Me: “Fine, how are you doing?” Him: “Fine,” cute little giggles. “How [are] you doin’?” Really this can go on for at least thirty minutes. For some strange reason the both of us find it amusing. Oh, God I must be regressing!

12. Hitting. The Man boxes so The Boy feels he must box… with boxing gloves that come up to his elbows. He does the bounce and “foot work” (his version of it anyway) and even falls down and waits for the count before he tries to get back up. I told them to stop playing that video game around the kid. *sigh*

13. Out of everything we do the best is I love you time! I don’t pick it he seems to feel the urge and there it is. We can do that for a good thirty minutes too but I can’t say that I mind.

OK now I think I need to hug him and go get my kisses wiped off.