Monday, April 30, 2012

*Hangs Head in Shame*

So I didn’t post last week as I was avoiding talking about my lack of progress in deep thought
about my current writing progress. I have so many ups and downs when it comes to being
productive with my writing and it makes me want to go postal a little frustrated. What I
want is consistent progress, you know, so I can actually get something submitted for publication!
So I’ve decided that maybe I will try a reward system (always said I wouldn’t but anything’s
worth a try). I totally heart reading wonderful romances and I will take the time to finish reading
a book in a day… sometimes less and still not make time for writing. *bad procrastinator…
bad* Anywho, I am not allowed to read any books until I finish these self-edits. There, it’s out
and now I have to be accountable. I will be working on this story at least on the weekends, but I
would love to sneak in some time during the week as well and if I could stay the hell away from
FB games
just focus I could really polish this baby up!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Finally an Update on Writing (Please No Judging)

Yeah I know it’s been a little while, feels like forever but I’ve been managing to squeeze in a little time here and there to work on my WIP. The first draft dreck has been completed and now I am doing self-edits. It’s probably been months since I’ve even looked at this particular story, as I’ve just been procrastinating totally busy and haven’t made had the time. So now the story bug has bitten me in the ass hind parts… wait I’m allowed to say the word ass on an 18+ blog post… whatever, anyway, I’m totally stoked about this story… again.

The best part about taking these long breaks is that since I haven’t seen the story in so long I can view it with fresh eyes and get a reminder of how frakin’ awesome I am. On the other hand… with the length of the breaks I’ve been taking this wonderful, fantastic story isn’t going to be ready for submission until I hit my mid 60’s… perhaps a slight exaggeration, but you get my meaning. I need to get on it... the editing I meant, you durdy, durdy minded people. :P