Monday, May 28, 2012

Poem Time!

Time for a little naughty, naughty. Enjoy.

Waterfalls of Love
By. Lauren Murphy

Water Cascading down our smooth silken bodies
Leaning against the shimmering rocks
You enfold me in your heartfelt embrace
As our lips become one, tongues intertwine
Slowly swaying, our thighs touching
Your arousal rubbing against my wet sex
Our clothes become undone, washed away in the current
Of raging desire as you enter my body with
One single thrust, a strangled moan floats
From my lips as your hips find their slow rhythm
In and out until we're both craving release
Climax, coming in a rush our bodies
Bucking, convulsing, minds floating in ecstasy
Staring into each others eyes, sharing
One last intimate kiss, one look.

© Lauren Murphy, All rights reserved

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