Monday, April 30, 2012

*Hangs Head in Shame*

So I didn’t post last week as I was avoiding talking about my lack of progress in deep thought
about my current writing progress. I have so many ups and downs when it comes to being
productive with my writing and it makes me want to go postal a little frustrated. What I
want is consistent progress, you know, so I can actually get something submitted for publication!
So I’ve decided that maybe I will try a reward system (always said I wouldn’t but anything’s
worth a try). I totally heart reading wonderful romances and I will take the time to finish reading
a book in a day… sometimes less and still not make time for writing. *bad procrastinator…
bad* Anywho, I am not allowed to read any books until I finish these self-edits. There, it’s out
and now I have to be accountable. I will be working on this story at least on the weekends, but I
would love to sneak in some time during the week as well and if I could stay the hell away from
FB games
just focus I could really polish this baby up!

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