Sunday, April 24, 2011

Poetry Share

I wrote this one for a poetry contest that called for something filled with angst. Did I go a little overboard? I don't know lol. Here it is anyway. ;)

Please Don't Leave
By. Lauren Murphy

Why do you torment me, with your cold careless ways?
Has my beauty somehow failed me, is my love now invisible?
The pain in my heart, resides in my eyes, as they drip their wet sadness,
Bleeding from emotions, repeatedly denied, bringing me to my knees…
Please don’t leave.

Without you, I cease to be, my soul craves you, thirsty for affection,
Dry, parched, longing for your passion.
Just to get a glimpse of you, still fills me to completion,
With abundant blessedness. Baby, I need you…
Please don’t leave.

If only you could tell me, that you reciprocate my feelings,
That you need me, for nourishment, and without me you would perish
Maybe then I wouldn’t miss you so.
Damn it! Are you listening? I’m begging, I’m pleading…

© Lauren Murphy, All rights reserved

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