Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's Time for Another Poem!

This poem won gold in a poetry contest called: Angels and Demons. Which one do you think this one is about?

My Future
By. Lauren Murphy

I bow before him, trembling, terror racing through me
Turning the liquid in my veins into cold blue ice
Frozen, head low touching the ground heated by the red-orange
Flames leaping off his smoldering heated breath
I dare take a glance into cool gray eyes, receiving a frost biting blast
For my troubles, captivated I can't bare to part gazes
With this powerful creature, in wolf form, enticing as he is deadly,
Tail of a serpent following behind as he begins to pass
Back and forth as the four times ten Legions of spirits
He is lord over wait in strained silence as he considers my request
Finally he comes to a slow pause in front of me
And with a great howl the fur covering his massive body
Dissipates his body straitening standing tall
His muscled form magnificent and on his broad muscular shoulders
The head of raven, he places his hands at the side of my face
And begins to gaze into my eyes, suddenly falling
Into a pitch black pit of oblivion I land hard
Abruptly in a sunny field of flowers.
He gracefully nods his dark feathered head
Toward the small wood cottage across the wildly growing fields
A young woman stands on the front porch,
Lovingly rubbing her rounded belly, glowing with a knowing smile, content.
He grabs my hand, pulling me away, interrupting my thoughts,
I gaze in to his eyes and realize that our journey has ended
My request granted, he has shown me what I wished to destiny.
© Lauren Murphy, All rights reserved


Anonymous said...

Wow Lauren! Great use of imagery and very thought provoking! Love it!

Lauren Murphy said...

*Blush* Thanks MJ. That one was a lot of fun to write. Even though I had to do research which I hate!

Anonymous said...

You so totally rock, girl. I'm a bit jealous!

Lauren Murphy said...

Awe!! Toni Sue you're to sweet for words!

Alice Audrey said...

Oooo, nice destiny. I love it.

Lauren Murphy said...

Thank you Alice! :D